Hot video! Check out Disha Patani Flaunts Her Curves In White Bralette

Check out the Hot Video of Disha Patani viral on Instagram. Disha Patani’s fashion choices are creating quite the buzz. Her daily ensembles are a testament to her refined fashion palate. Whether she’s sporting athletic wear or casual tank tops paired with loose-fitting trousers that highlight her graceful figure, the actress consistently turns heads. Recently, the star of “Yodha” caused quite a stir among her admirers with a sizzling new video.

In this Hot video, Disha exudes charm and allure, donning a chic white bralette teamed with relaxed-fit jeans. Her hair is stylishly done up in a bun, and she accessorizes with trendy sunglasses. Adding the finishing touch to her ensemble is a plush fur bag. While at the airport, Disha graciously posed for a snapshot with a photographer.


The article discusses Disha Patani’s remarkable sense of style, which is evident in her daily attire. She recently shared a video where she looked stunning in a white bralette and jeans, accessorized with sunglasses and a fur bag. Her friendly interaction with a photographer at the airport also highlighted her approachable personality.

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