Nowadays, due to limited sources of income, we are able to fulfill our needs with great difficulty। how to buy mobile phone on EMI While fulfilling domestic needs, it becomes very difficult for us to buy things of our choice। Nowadays mobile has become very important. The most expensive mobile is available in the market। And we all want। That we also have a good mobile। But due to lack of money we are not able to buy a good mobile। Whenever you think of buying a good mobile। And due to lack of money you might not be able to buy a mobile। Then you must be wondering how you can buy a mobile phone on installments.

Many finance companies, personal companies, banks are available in the market today। Which also provides you loan to buy mobile। With which you can also fulfill your hobby by purchasing mobile on easy monthly installments। And can also fill mobile EMI easily। Today we are going to provide you complete information through this article। how to buy mobile phone on EMI ? How to take mobile on loan? What you will have to do for this। And what documents will you need for this.

How to get mobile phone & leptop on installments with credit card

If you have a credit card। So you can easily buy it on installments in the most expensive mobile phones। Along with this, you can get many types of discounts from online websites। Or you may also be provided some kind of offer। At present, all e-commerce sites provide Mobile Phone Kisto Par through online mobile credit cards। Along with low interest, these companies also provide many discounts and schemes

how to buy mobile phone on EMI


go to ecomarce website

First of all you go to the commerce website from where you want to buy mobile। There are many e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, which are doing online business today।

select EMI option

In the payment option of mobile phone, you have to select the EMI option, so that you can pay for the mobile phone through EMI

select credit card option

After selecting EMI, you will have to select the name of your credit card provider company। You have a credit card of this company, select that company।

Select loan tenure

After this, select in how many months you want to pay the mobile installment। After which the EMI of that time will be informed । And along with that the entire payment amount of the loan will be informed।

make payment

The EMI amount, tenure and interest rate will be informed to you। Select the interest rate, tenure and EMI amount as per your convenience and click on the payment option।

complete order

Now your payment has been made। And the number of months the company has given you a mobile loan। Will deduct money from your account for that long। Your mobile loan will be completed as soon as the time is up.

Credit Card Interest Rate

The details of interest being charged by different companies when purchasing Mobile Phone Kisto Par through credit card are as follows। By reading which you can easily see the difference between them

Documents required for taking mobile phone on installments from the shoping complex

If you want to get Mobile from a mobile shop। So for this you will also have to take some necessary documents with you। Without which you will not be able to get mobile on installments। Those documents are as follows

Passport size photo
Bank passbooks
Identity certificate
Aadhar Card

How to get mobile on installments from Bajaj Finserv?

Bajaj Finserv is widely named among the companies financing household goods in the market। You can finance any household item through Bajaj Finserv EMI Card। Fridge cooler, TV, AC, fan anything you can buy with Bajaj Finance Finserv EMI Card। Along with household items, you can also buy electronic items like mobile, TV etc. through Bajaj Finserv EMI Card।

Today it is very easy to buy anything through Bajaj Finserv। Bajaj Finserv finances any item to you within half an hour। If you want to buy a mobile through Bajaj Finserv, you can buy it by following the easy steps given below।

Eligibility Criteria for Buying Mobile through Bajaj Finserv

If you want to get mobile finance done through Bajaj Finserv, then some eligibility criteria have been set for it। Bajaj Finserv provides mobile on installments only to the beneficiary who fulfills these eligibility criteria.

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