If you have been using the same Android phone for 2 years or there are no important updates in your phone, it does not mean that the phone is useless. I am giving you such tips so that you can make Android mobile new.

1. Factory Reset Android Phone

If you want to give the awesome look to your Android phone again, then first of all factory reset your device. It will give you the feeling like a new phone or increase the performance of your phone. Will solve all the old problems of the device. By doing a factory reset, your phone will look like new but all the data on your phone will be deleted. Therefore make a backup of your phone.

make Android mobile new

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2. Root the phone

One specialty of old phone is that you can use it in any way, there is no problem in taking risk in old phone as compared to new phone. Therefore, do not forget to root the old Android phone. If your phone is not under warranty then you should take advantage of this advantage.

One advantage of rooting an Android mobile is that you can update your phone to a new version of Android such as Lollipop or Marshmallows versions.

3. Change the theme of Android phone

Launcher or Theme gives an awesome look to your android phone. Theme gives a beautiful look or customize to your phone. There is no risk in changing the theme of the phone, because there is no need to root the phone to change the theme. You can give a new look to your phone by installing launchers like Buzz launcher, Yahoo Aviate, Google now.

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4. Wireless charger or external battery

After charging the android mobile 1001 times, the battery backup of your phone becomes very less, I have already told in a post how to reduce the battery backup of android mobile. But for old phones you need an extra battery. If ever your phone’s battery is low, you can charge your phone. Doing this will also give personality to your phone.

If your phone supports wireless charger then take advantage of it. If you use your wireless charger just once, you will be a fan of it.

5. Change Android phone Case Cover

This step is most important to give a new look to the Android phone, if you want your friends to look at your phone and say “Wow new phone, when did you get it” then change your case cover.

Last words

Today I will tell you how to give new look to Android phone, you just have to format the Android phone or change the phone, case or battery. How did you like this post of mine?

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