Android has improved a lot in the sensors in its smartphones, due to which health apps or fitness apps have become very popular. It tells us a lot of statics and when we jog in the morning, it also tells us how much distance we jogged. These health apps tell you how many calories you have used and all the information related to your weight. If you are looking for such apps which can store all this information then I am telling you about some of the best health apps.

  1. Instant Heart Rate: It is very important to know about heart rate for fitness. It is important to pay attention to heart rate before, during or after workout. Instant Heart tells your accurate heart beat rate.
    There are many Heart Rate Apps on Playstore but Instant Heart Rate is the best health apps. When we are doing workout, Instant heart rate gives accurate heart rate information. Download Instant Heart Rate.
  2. BMI Calculator: BMI calculator is one of the best health apps. It tells us about our body fat and weight. If your goal is to control body fat then BMI will help you in doing so. This is a simple app in which it is very easy to calculate body fat. It is easy. You just tell your height or weight, it will tell you about your body fat.
    While this app will calculate your body fat, it will also recommend some exercise. Download BMI calculator
  3. 7 Minute Workout: 7 minute workout is a good app for busy people. It will give you a short workout list which will be of 7 minutes. If you do not have much time to exercise then you can take some suggestions from 7 minute workout app.
  4. Google Fit: You must be familiar with the name of the developer of Google Fit. That is why Google itself has created it. It has many features which will be helpful for your health or fitness. Its website link is
    Weight, heart rate, calorie, steps or activity time is automatically calculated. Download Google Fit
  5. RunKeeper: Runkeeper is the best health application not only because it has a lot of features but because it also supports third party apps like Google Fit or Apple Fit. If you are a runner then you will not find such an application anywhere else.
    One can also trace your run on the map. How much distance have you covered, how many calories have you burnt, all this the app will tell you. Download Runkeeper
  6. Runtastic Download App: I myself use Runtastic while jogging. This is my favorite health application. It will cover your distance through 3D map. It tracks how many calories you have used. Your speed, average speed, heart rate. Runtastic also tells about such things.

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All these Health-related apps offer a wide range of benefits, including convenience, personalization, tracking and monitoring, education and awareness, motivation and accountability, and connection and support. By incorporating these apps into your daily routine, you can take proactive steps towards improving your health and well-being in a simple and accessible way.

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