WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging or chatting app. Almost 52% of the online world uses WhatsApp per month. This means that there are many special things in WhatsApp due to which there are so many WhatsApp users. But the more a thing is done, the more problems it causes. You too may have faced some problems at some point in using WhatsApp. That’s why today I am telling you about WhatsApp problems and solutions.

WhatsApp Install Problem

Are you facing any problem in downloading or installing the latest version of WhatsApp? So let me tell you that we always install WhatsApp in a version higher than version 5.1 of Android. To check the phone version, go to Settings > About Phone.
If you install WhatsApp from WhatsApp website then you will have to enable unknown source of your phone. In Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, tick the unknown source.

How to install WhatsApp on tablet

If you have a tablet which uses Internet over Wi-Fi, then you may have a problem installing WhatsApp because a SIM card is required to use WhatsApp. You simply install WhatsApp in your tab. Or you can also transfer whatsapp.apk to your tablet from any of your friends using Bluetooth. Then open it.

Your mobile number will be asked, please enter your phone number. Now the mobile number entered will be sent to an OTP password. Type it in the tablet or follow the instructions exactly. WhatsApp account will be created in your tablet also.

WhatsApp contact list problem

WhatsApp can not connect. WhatsApp connection problem

Problem in WhatsApp connection occurs due to weak signal of your Wi-Fi or network data connection. If you are not able to message anyone then here is the solution.

  1. Install the latest version of WhatsApp from Play store.
  2. Now check that your phone’s Internet connection – wifi or 2G, 3G data is correct.
  3. Check that there is no Task Killer in your phone, like Clean master, greenify etc.
    If there are any such apps then uninstall them. (new users).
    You should check WhatsApp properly by going to task killer, because WhatsApp does not reduce in the face of task killer app.
  4. Clear the cache of WhatsApp. Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Clear Cache
  5. If any of the above tips do not help then uninstall WhatsApp or reinstall it.

WhatsApp contact list problem

There may be some reasons why WhatsApp contacts are not shown or updated in your device.

  • First of all, you should check whether the number you have saved is the correct mobile number or not. There could be some miss typing or some digit could be wrong.
  • Check whether your account is on WhatsApp or not as long as you have saved your WhatsApp number. Because sometimes you delete your log account on WhatsApp.
  • Check whether you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed or not.
  • Also make sure that all the contacts on your WhatsApp are refreshed or not. You can see by refreshing.
  • Check whether the contact is viewable or visible in WhatsApp.

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How to add International Number in Whatsapp Contact?

If you travel to a foreign country or have any friend or family member living in another country, then you have his/her foreign mobile number. If you save our number and search on WhatsApp, it is not found there.

This method is very simple, if you want to save WhatsApp number then you must use the country code. Like when saving Pakistan’s WhatsApp contact, you must set +92. Then save the number. Now check whatsapp contact, your friend’s name will definitely show.

How to block a contact in WhatsApp.

It is very simple to block WhatsApp contact. If you want to block a contact added to your WhatsApp from any face, no matter what the face is, you will not be able to block it. But blocking someone on WhatsApp is a very simple or easy method. To go to your contact’s message or conversation, you have to click on the 3 dots on the right side. Then you click on more>block.
Unlimited contacts can be blocked in a WhatsApp account. After blocking you cannot send any message or call on WhatsApp. If you want to unblock someone, you can unblock them using the same process.

How to hide last seen in WhatsApp

This post is about WhatsApp, because some people use WhatsApp the whole day, so their family members or girlfriend/boyfriend think that they don’t know why they are online the whole day. So I am telling you how to hide last seen on WhatsApp.
Open WhatsApp app. Now go to WhatsApp settings. Then go to Privacy > Account. Now click on Last Seen, then select Nobody. Now no one can see your last online time. But let me tell you one thing, you also cannot see anyone’s online time or last seen.

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What is 2 Blue Ticks in WhatsApp?

Many WhatsApp users are confused about what are the double ticks in a WhatsApp message. I have told you everything in detail. The clock sign means that the message you have typed has not been sent yet.
A gray colored tick means that your message has been sent but the message has only been received by the WhatsApp server. The 2 blue ticks mean that the receiver has read the message.

Conclusion on WhatsApp Problem and Solutions

Above I have told you about problems and solutions related to WhatsApp. This problem happens with all WhatsApp users, so I have given the solution to all the problems in Hindi with full detailed information.

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