Online shopping has now become a part of our lives, it is as helpful as it is risky. While shopping online, the biggest risk is at the time of making your payment and there can also be a lot of security problems. There are many reasons for online shopping, like price, good selection, secure shopping, fast shipping deliver, easy returns etc. But nowadays online fraud has become very high, hence it is necessary to be very careful while shopping online.

It has been seen many times that customers have given their credit card or debit card information to the wrong person. It is very important to keep your computer or online transactions secure from any malicious elements. I have some tips by following which you can do secure online shopping even from mobile.

You just have to be careful about online threats, and use just a little basic sense before shopping. Here I am telling you 10 security tips related to online shopping, which will keep your online transactions safe and secure.

Do Shopping from Good Website

You should shop from those websites about which you know or which are very popular. By the way, do not shop at all from the website which the search engine suggests. Because good websites take full guarantee of security. Search engine results may take you to wrong websites, where you may also be subjected to online fraud. If you know about any good website which is best for shopping then do online shopping only from that website. Be sure to pay attention to the website name, misspelling or domain (on .net instead of .com).

Always shop on SSL Protected Websites

It will not be safe for your credit card to make payment on websites that do not have SSL (Secure Socket layer). Therefore, first make sure that the website on which you are making online payment is SSL or not. If you want to know whether a website is SSL or not then check the URL of the site, such a website which is SSL, its website address starts with HTTPS://.

If the website is SSL then a green colored lock is also displayed on the left side of the website address. This means that by making online payment on such a website, your credit card information will remain safe, never tell anyone about your credit card through email.

Never tell your complete information

Never provide your security number or birthday information while shopping online on any website. Any online shopping website does not require your birthday information to sell products. If someone finds out about this then he can use his credit card for shopping or can spend more money.

The more they know about credit card information, the easier it will be for them to use their credit card. Therefore, I would advise you to share as little credit card information as possible whenever you go shopping.

Keep PC Safe

You also have to keep your computer and laptop safe through antivirus, because some people can attack malware on your device and use all the information of your bank account or credit card. Therefore always use the best antivirus program in your PC.

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Use Strong, Secure and hard Password

Weak password can fail your online security, if your password is very easy then hackers can easily hack it. So no matter what antivirus program you have on your computer, you remain secure while making online payments.

Therefore set such a password which cannot be cracked by anyone. Therefore always use alphanumeric and few symbols in the password.

Do not use public computers

Do you place your shopping orders from cyber café or your friend’s computer? So it is not safe for your credit card. If you are making payment for online shopping in a public computer and cyber cafe, then check that you have logged out of your account after making the payment, also check your email. It is possible that some spyware virus has entered our computer and you are not even aware of it.

Some computer experts can access all your information by using a cached copy of your personal data. The most important thing is that you should never make online payment using public Wi-Fi. Otherwise, hackers can also access your information through your Wi-Fi connection.

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Keep Wi-Fi private

Do you take your laptop to college or public place and use it? If so, be careful because connecting to any Wi-Fi connection can be dangerous.

Never try to connect to a Hotspot you are unaware of. You will get free Wi-Fi at MacDonalds, KFC, Panera Bread, and FedEx Office.

Use different web browsers for shopping.

To secure the computer, we use the best antivirus application, so that we remain safe while shopping online. But there is another way to do safe online shopping, that is, whenever you do online payment transaction, use a different web browser for it. You can also use Incognito Window to make online payment.

Never make a payment by opening a second tab in the same browser, and keep your cache and cookies cleared. This helps in keeping your payment information secure.

Save email offers

You must have heard the news about many frauds like phishing scams. Some such emails have been received on your email which are fraud, which match with some shopping website but it is a fraud website, so be careful of such emails. So, if you have an Amazon account, and have received any email from your Amazon side, then stay away from such emails also. Such links are linked to malicious websites, which can also send viruses to your computer.

Use PayPal

PayPal is the best online payment service, it is like a digital wallet which is used by millions of users in the world. If you shop online with a PayPal account, the retailer will never be able to know your credit card information. Because sellers will get payment through PayPal. PayPal has Purchase protection which prevents fraud.

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